MyPervyFamilyRAW – Malina Melendez – Stepdaughter’s Phone And My Addiction
Why you always on your phone, come on…. you’re on vacation.
My real dad wouldn’t care that I (Malina Melendez) am on my phone.
Damn… so that’s how this vacation gonna go?
Um… we have a problem. Our room only has one bed.
Can you not lay in bed with me dressed like that?
What you trippin’ about, I always wear shit like this when I go to bed… stop being overdramatic. Just turn over and go to bed old man. Are you recording me right now!?!?
Nooooo… please don’t tell your mom!
I mean…. I’m kinda horny anyways.
What Melina? No… come on stop that. Look I (Jovan Jordan) shouldn’t have been doing what I was doing, but we can’t do that.
What’s the harm, I mean…. I won’t tell my mom if you don’t.

OMG daddy…. your dick is so big! Oh yeah…. fuck me with that huge cock.
You like how step-daddy is stretching you out??
Yes…. don’t stop, I don’t want you to pull out!


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