WatchYouCheat – Chloe Surreal & Summer Vixen – Show Me How You Like It
Chloe Surreal is relaxing in the morning sun when her boyfriend, Codey Steele, joins her. As he excitedly gushes about the amazing night they had, he becomes worried when Chloe shows hints that maybe the night didn’t go as well for HER as it did for him. As they talk through it, Chloe shyly admits to one of her biggest fantasies: seeing Codey having sex with another woman right in front of her. Although Codey’s shocked by the revelation, he’s intrigued as well, especially once Chloe starts digging around to see if he finds anyone else attractive. When he admits to finding a girl at a local shop kinda cute, Chloe eagerly encourages him to take her on a date. If things go well, then he can bring her home… A few days later, after what seems to be a successful date, Codey brings home Summer Vixen. As all three of them all sit down and chat, Chloe and Codey soon reveal the special agreement they have. Although she’s surprised, Summer is so down to partake, loving how kinky and fun the idea is. Then, under Chloe’s hungry eyes, Summer and Codey share their first kiss…

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