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WebYoung – Lily Larimar & Kylie Rocket – Small Town Woes

WebYoung – Lily Larimar & Kylie Rocket – Small Town Woes
Kylie Rocket is a lonely lesbian in a small town. She’s ready to get out there and embrace who she is but there’s only so much of that she can do when she’s the only lesbian she knows!
One day, a new family moves in next door. Kylie drags herself over to introduce herself, though is pleasantly surprised when she meets a hot girl, Lily Larimar. Kylie’s flustered and awkward as she introduces herself, and is amazed when she’s invited inside.
Once they settle in, Kylie tries her best not to blatantly stare at Lily. As the two have a conversation to get to know each other, Kylie accidentally nearly lets slip that she’s a lesbian. Fortunately for her, when Lily catches this, she reveals that she’s a lesbian too. That’s when sparks REALLY fly as they both excitedly bond over their experiences while inching closer to each other.
Unable to pass up the opportunity to FINALLY get close ao another girl, Kylie starts coming onto Lily. Although she’s a bit awkward, Lily finds it endearing… It looks like Kylie’s not going to be so lonely anymore!

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