AssParade – Advoree – The Shiniest Ass In The Land

AssParade – Advoree – The Shiniest Ass In The Land
Advoree has Johnny Love staying over at her Mansion. She decides he should be put to work and needs his help oiling her massive tits up. When I say massive it’s only because I don’t know a better word for the biggest tits I’ve ever seen. But then things get even more freak of nature when she turns around and her ass is even more massive. Johnny Love quickly goes to the oil store and cleans it out. He has to use all the oil in the land to cover her body. Then she gets in the pool and shakes her ass for the ass parade and makes Johnny’s dick really hard. She returns the favor he did by sucking his dick then letting him explore the peaks and valleys on her body. He fucks her with all his might and cums all over her ass.


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