BackroomCastingCouch – Melanie Marie – Pink Swear, Anal Promises

BackroomCastingCouch – Melanie Marie – Pink Swear, Anal Promises

We’ve got a really great update this week, it’s Melanie, she’s 19 years old and she’s quite the treat. She is the seductive teen girl next door. Just look at her long legs in that dress! Speaking of that dress, it’s giving those areolas like zero coverage haha, but I’m not complaining. Once Melanie’s on the couch she’s a little shy and reserved, but opens up pretty quickly. Once Rick gets to know her well enough, we know it’s time to get her naked. She’s a bit hesitant, but she’s standing there showing us her asshole in no time. She’s got a beautiful ass, she’s got a beautiful pussy.. hell everything about her is just so beautiful. She seems to enjoy playing with toys, and for someone who’s not used to anal, her face sure does perk up when she’s shown the butt plug. With that butt plug in her ass, Rick lets her know the next part of the interview is going to be the oral exam. The smile on her face fades a little, and she tries to talk her way out of it using a birthday party as an excuse. After a very sweet pinky promise where Rick gives her his assurance we won’t mess up her make up, in her mouth goes my dick. She look so pretty with my cock in her mouth. Ass up face down is where she goes next, and I start fucking her in doggy style. That butt plug makes an already tight pussy even tighter. We go to the desk, and then the couch and it’s hot fucking all round. Finally it’s time to fuck that sweet teen asshole. She does a great job handling my cock in her ass, and she warms up to the anal very quickly. Her little ass feels so damn good. She rides it like a champ and we even get some full nelson hard pounding action. I know we promised to keep her make up safe, but it was too good of an opportunity to pass up, and I blast my load all over her face lol. Back on the couch she’s still smiling. I think she’s still gonna be okay for her fiend’s party, but she’ll probably have to come up with some kind of excuse on why she’s looking so disheveled. Rick lets her know we’re gonna send her tapes off and she won’t get paid for a few weeks (or at all ), and she really takes her time dressing. Now I personally think based on that coy smile when asked about it, but I think she’s really showing off for the producers. You see the way she’s got those legs open giving us some last little upskirt shots while she’s tying her shoe… what a good girl.. and after her little show she blows us a kiss and out the door she goes. <3 Cam


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